BROEN District Energy ball valves



Recently, we found some local enterprises fraudulent use of the BROEN brand and imitation products , a serious infringement of the reputation of my company and the interests of customers.


BROEN valves (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Belongs to Denmark BROEN A/S group which set up only subsidiary company in China. The company's products are imported from abroad and has not commissioned any company production.


Our company's official website is: Any other market activities in the name of our company or products are not related to our company.


BROEN CHINA contact information:


Broen valves (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

1905 QingYunDangDai Plaza, HaiDian Distrct, BeiJing, China

+86 010 67892995



                        声    明
近期由于部分国内企业冒用我波昂集团名义及仿制我公司产品,严重侵害了我公司声誉及客户利益。 现特此声明,波昂阀门(北京)有限公司为丹麦波昂A/S集团在中国地区设立的唯一直属销售子公司,在中国其他地区均无分公司或生产工厂。公司产品均为国外原装进口并无委托任何公司生产. 我公司官方唯一网站为。任何其他以我公司名义或产品为由的市场行为均与我公司无关。
+86 010 67892995