BROEN history

Poul Broen, the founder of BROEN, was a creative and visionary entrepreneur. His ideas created the foundation for BROEN and set the standard for a whole industry.

Poul Broen

Poul Broen worked as an engineer at the Frederiksberg public swimming pool in Denmark where he noticed the huge waste of water whenever patrons showered. So he developed the PARCEO shower automat that efficiently delivered the right amount of warm water.

After the Second World War, everyone was forced to make savings wherever possible. Poul Broen therefore invented a shut-off flushing valve. An efficient invention still used today in every toilet. This led to the development of a range of sanitary fittings and taps in the 1950s, including BROEN BOSS and the BROEN BALLOFIX® ball valve.


Poul Broen’s vision went beyond product development. He included his staff in his thinking. By the 1960s, BROEN had already introduced job rotation to ensure flexibility and competency development and to make jobs varied and interesting.


60 years of intelligente solutions
In 1948, Poul Broen established Nordisk Armatur in a rented cellar. BROEN grew into an established industrial company with strong brands. Knowledge and experience were used in new ways, resulting in new initiatives such as LAB and Emergency Shower Systems.

BROEN was one of the pioneers when district heating took off in Denmark in the 1970s. This pioneering spirit and vision still exists at BROEN today. BROEN is also an innovative and value-adding partner and continually develops and improves products that use nature’s resources as efficiently as possible.